Smart promotion of mobile


We promote, analyze, help develop the product.

First, together with you, we define the main criterion: the number of target installs, profit from users, returns to the application, the required rating, etc. Next, we use the main tools: motivated and advertising traffic, ASO, rating adjustment, analytics implementation. Combined with a marketing strategy, this saves time and budget compared to distributed contractor teams.

Boosting to top
Boosting to top

Boosting the application to the TOP general / category, paid applications using motivated traffic.

Promotion by key queries
Promotion by key queries

Executors find the application upon request and install it, which contributes to its promotion in search results.

Improve ratings and reviews
Improve ratings and reviews

Our users will write about the positive aspects of your application and rate it highly.

Maintain positions
Maintain positions

Maintain the position of apps in the top by constantly attracting motivated traffic.

Our possibilities

Real installs


By default, our users install apps by searching by app name.

By key queries

Installing an app by key query increases it in the search results for this query.

By special links

Specify an affiliate or tracking link and our users will install the application through it.

Smart launches

Smart launches

Users will launch the app on different days, times, frequencies, and unique lengths of use. Also, we simulate a natural cascading decline in attendance.


Our performers can launch and use your applications for up to 30 days, and if they like it, they will continue.

0 rub

The first launches of applications are at our expense.

Relevant reviews

Positive feedback

Users will familiarize themselves with your application and write positive reviews on their own.

Feedback wishes

You can leave a wish for feedback for performers, for example, what to write about, what words to use, etc.

Fine settings

Phone and Tablet

Are you interested in an audience of smartphones, tablets, or all at once? Just adjust the required parameter.

Daily install limit

Set a daily limit on installations if you want to reduce the speed of execution.

Convenient personal account

Личный кабинет

Use a convenient personal account for self-adding, deleting and editing your orders.

Thanks to the design, intuitive interface, the service can be easily mastered by all your employees.

Simple API

Integrate the AppInstalls API into your service, website or store and use all our capabilities remotely. Tasks will be sent automatically to work after payment. Your customers will become more loyal, and your employees will be less busy with routine tasks.

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Many quality performers

500 000 +

More than half a million users ready to install your iOS / Android application.

1 000 +

The volume of our motivated traffic is enough to boost it to the top on iOS and Android platforms.

15 000 +

More than 15,000 new users with various devices are registered in our service every month.


More than 15,000 new users with various devices are registered in our service every month.


The algorithms of our system guard your traffic and carefully filter bots and cheaters.

Audience renewal

You can always count on new capacities without fear that you will not have enough unique installs.

GEO targeting

  • Russia 70%
  • Ukraine 10%
  • Belarus 6%
  • Kazakhstan 5%
  • Others 9%
  • USA 80%
  • England 10%
  • Germany 6%
  • France 4%

Low prices for agencies and resellers

Install by default 5.0 ₽

Install from search 7.0 ₽

Install by link 5.0 ₽

Launch 1.0 ₽

Default feedback 5.0 ₽

Feedback with your wishes 7.0 ₽

Install by default 3.0 ₽

Install from search 5.0 ₽

Install by link 3.0 ₽

Launch 1.0 ₽

Default feedback 5.0 ₽

Feedback with your wishes 7.0 ₽

Payment and all necessary documents for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs

Possibility of payment by card or to a current account. In the latter case, we will provide all the required closing documents.


Frequently asked Questions

The speed of promotion varies greatly from order to order, differs in each specific case, depends on the targeting settings and the method of attracting users. The minimum speed is 10 installs per day, the maximum is 2000.

The first installs will begin within 24 hours from the moment the task is added, as it is necessary to fine-tune advertising campaigns and other traffic sources to get relevant traffic.

We guarantee compensation for the loss of promotion in the amount of rubles, equivalent to the lost promotion in each specific order, in case of write-offs from app stores, but no more than the user bought in the last month from the moment of applying for compensation.

We undertake to return the prepayment in full if the prepayment was made, and the promotion has not yet begun. Otherwise, the amount of the prepayment made is non-refundable.

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